Hi, welcome to my site. I’m Peng Sun, please call me void-main1 or Harry. I’m a full stack engineer and I’ve built many apps and services. Currently I’m interested in AI-related infrastructure.


  • Bachelor Degree, Software Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology. 2008 ~ 2012
  • Dropout from Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2012 ~ 2013

Job Experience

  • Co-founder @NexusHubs. 2013.10 ~ 2014.12
  • Software Engineer @BeeQuick. 2015.01 ~ 2016.08
  • Senior Software Engineer @Kingsoft Cloud. 2016.08 ~ 2019.06

Area of Experience

  • Mobile application development (iOS & Android)
  • Web application development (React)
  • Distributed (Storage) System.

Area of Interests

  • Consensus protocols.
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning.
  • AI Training Frameworks.


  • Video games.
  • (FPV) drones.
  • Reading.

  1. People keep asking why I use void-main instead of int-main as my nickname. Though int-main follows the spec, but it is not symmetric in length of word(len(int) != len(main)), besides, void is mysterious, don’t you think so? [return]